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August 27, 2009

The Bumbo!

Since Anna is a strong little chickie and has started to try and hold her head up, we decided to break out the Bumbo seat and give it a try! Not quite sure how she feels about it yet..... Should I like this thing? Yes! I should! (For some reason, our child looks Chinese when she grins)

August 22, 2009

Anna's Annoyance

I'm posting this to go on record that Anna officially HATES HATS. Every time we put a hat on her, unless it's one of those tight-fitting hospital-type caps, she screams. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Sorry, Gigi. Your wish for her to wear cute hats throughout her childhood seems to be a fleeting hope.

Busy Weekend!

We had quite a weekend last Saturday and Sunday! Saturday night was the 12th Annual Top Hat Awards at the Theatre Company of Fort Lee. I was asked to present one of the awards, which I was happy to do! I especially liked it when the emcee introduced me as "Theatre Board member and brand new mother"! Eric and I get all dolled up for this event every year. This year, it was a MUCH longer journey to pretty for me with the sleep deprivation! I was thankful to still fit into my collection of cocktail dresses, and Eric still looks dashing in his tux! I swear we look like two kids on our way to prom! Especially given that this was taken at Mom and Dad's :-). Where's my corsage??? Sunday, we attended a cocktail party for our friend Terri, who is moving to Connecticut at the beginning of next month to get married. We are going to genuinely miss her, but we wish her all the happiness in the world as she embarks on this new chapter in her life as a wife AND step-mom to twins! AK accompanied us to be sure we behaved ourselves. She even oversaw the getting ready process to be sure our outfits were well coordinated. She looks quite cozy lounging in our bed! All in all, a great weekend! We can't wait for NEXT weekend, though when all the kids are together! We're so excited!

August 16, 2009

Anna's New Favorite Toy!

Like her cousin Natalie, Anna's favorite toy here is the rapping Ravens Frog! Pay special attention to her face and eyebrows as she watches's my new guilty pleasure to play this thing as much as I can and watch her reactions!

Random Shots

Here are a few pics we've taken over the past couple weeks. She's growing so fast! For some reason, she loves to hang out on her changing table..... I'm convinced there's a ghost in this house that talks to her. She's always looking up while we're changing her and she gets these animated looks on her face! It's spooky.... She's still not fond of bathtime, though she now cries LESS that she's submerged.... Her fave place to snooze....Daddy's chest. Her second fave snoozing place....the Boppy. She is SO strong! She can already hold her head up for small increments throughout the day!

August 14, 2009

Badour, Party of 4!

Daniel Craig "Danny" Badour made his grande entrance into the world at 1:16 am this morning weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz. Carrie is fine, and so is Danny. If you ask me, he's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to Carrie, Greg, and Big Sister Natalie!