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February 27, 2010

Danny's Baptism

We visited Pennsylvania last weekend for Danny's baptism. I'm sorry, but I must say I have the most handsome nephew in the whole history of ever. The Badours pre-baptism. Natalie and Danny had matching sweater outfits on -- TOO CUTE! Oh, so THIS is what it would be like to have twins, huh? Well, ok, just as long as they're as precious as these two. God-Parents, Eric & Melissa. I. Love. My. Niece. I want to be her when I grow up. I love this shot -- look at everyone's face! Such pride for their beautiful boy. Anna and her Gam. They had a good time catching up, and Gam's necklace survived the curiosity of the 7 month old! Not a bad lookin' family, if I do say so myself. Playtime! Giggly babies!Only 4 more months, and it's Anna's turn! The hunt for the perfect Christening Gown commences.

All work and no play.....

Makes Anna a sleepy girl....

February 7, 2010

7 Months Old

It's appalling to me how quickly our 7/7 baby made it to 7 months. She is VERY chatty with "mamamamama", "dadadadadadada", "gnagnagnagnagna", and "babababababa". She's also an excellent screamer. No need to worry about her lungs or vocal capacity. Her favorite things are the toys that make noise (much to our chagrin), and she LOVES to drop her doll/Elmo/rattle on the floor and watch Momma or Daddy pick it up. She's rolling consistently now, more from back to belly, and she can even scoot backwards. Crawling, here we come. She's got some strong legs from jumping in her bouncer, and now weighs in around 17.2 pounds. The most important thing is, though, that she is a very happy and healthy little girl. Yeah, I stuck one of those Duggar bows on her head. It didn't last long. And, she is still VERY much a Daddy's girl!

Random Shots

Here are some Kodak moments of Miss AK from the past few weeks. Playing on the floor in Momma & Daddy's room: Getting ready to go SHOPPING! at Target. Sporting the JMU we see a future Duke here? As you can tell, she really doesn't care for prunes. Who could blame her? Playing with Momma's bathrobe: Snuggling.... She has such pretty posture!! The child has discovered her FEET:


Check out these pearly whites!!


Puxatawny Phil is not our favorite groundhog right now. This snow is getting a little old. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and we're enjoying some "family time" at home (3 3/4 snow days for Momma last week!), but enough is enough. At this rate, I'll be teaching through July. Our resident meteorologist, Eric, has been keeping tabs on the accumulation. This was last weekend: After a little thawing, however, we got hit AGAIN on Friday with about 8 more inches. Then again, I'm sure it's NOTHING compared to what our Northern family got up in PA! We keep trying to warm Anna up to the idea of the white fluffy stuff, but she just seems relatively disinterested.