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February 7, 2010

7 Months Old

It's appalling to me how quickly our 7/7 baby made it to 7 months. She is VERY chatty with "mamamamama", "dadadadadadada", "gnagnagnagnagna", and "babababababa". She's also an excellent screamer. No need to worry about her lungs or vocal capacity. Her favorite things are the toys that make noise (much to our chagrin), and she LOVES to drop her doll/Elmo/rattle on the floor and watch Momma or Daddy pick it up. She's rolling consistently now, more from back to belly, and she can even scoot backwards. Crawling, here we come. She's got some strong legs from jumping in her bouncer, and now weighs in around 17.2 pounds. The most important thing is, though, that she is a very happy and healthy little girl. Yeah, I stuck one of those Duggar bows on her head. It didn't last long. And, she is still VERY much a Daddy's girl!

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  1. LOVE the pictures! She is just TOOOOO cute :)
    Yes, we are VERY tired of the snow and AGAIN for us- another day off. I told the kids we will be going until July 4th at this rate! Take care
    ~Mellanie and Alexandra


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