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July 19, 2009

Bath Time

Anna does not like bath time one iota. Our first experience was tale-worthy to say the least! It began with our routine temperature check just a day after our second hospital stay. Eric volunteered to be the bad guy, and stuck the thermometer in its rightful spot, but when it beeped he had a dire look on his face. "94.7", he announced. I believed him, but wanted to see for myself. Upon inspection, I informed him we might get a higher reading if he too the cap off the tip. :-) The subsequent reading was normal. After a good laugh, I got Anna ready for her bath while Eric retrieved the tub. AK's outfit that day snapped up the back, so I propped her up against my leg to get it off. When I picked her back up, there was a neat little puddle of pazoodle on the carpet and on my skirt. Again, laughter ensued. She screams holy terror throughout the bath process, but as you can see, the before and after shots are relatively calm.


  1. I liked "Pazoodle" Have used it now on my preschoolers during camp asking them if they have to go and "pazoodle!" ha-ha

  2. Good lord... that's all my mother says now! Everywhere... "do you have to go pazoodle?" Half the kids are like exuse me??


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