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December 21, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Well, according to "What to Expect the First Year", Anna should roll from her back to her belly around 6 months. Well, we're about 2 weeks away from that, and she's been trying to do just that for a couple weeks now! She makes it to her side, then can't figure out how to wiggle her arm from underneath her. This morning, she said, "To heck with the arm!" and rolled onto her belly seamlessly, leaving her right arm pinned beneath her and flashing me a grin as if to say, "Hey, Mom, look what I did!" Of course, I missed it on camera -- will try to capture that later -- but, I did manage to grab this:

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  1. Hey- She is getting SO big!! We loved the snow pictures. I am excited for you guys with Anna and her 1st Christmas. It is going to be great. Merry Christmas and hope to see you over the break. XX OO to Anna
    Luv- Mellanie and Alexandra


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