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March 7, 2010

8 Months. Eight. EIGHT.

Father Time and I are NOT getting along well. I have received no permission forms or prior agreements giving an "OK" for our little girl to grow up this quickly. Anna is such a fun baby. She's very happy -- giggles a lot. She likes to "snort"...she makes this face where she scrunches her nose up and breathes in and out really fast. She's mastering art of cookie-eating and scooting backwards. She's got the crawling position down, it's moving forward that she struggles with. She did manage to "walk" herself around the perimeter of her playpen yesterday at Grumpy and G'ma's. She grabs ANYTHING not nailed down, and Eric and I have discovered just how quick our reflexes truly are.

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  1. And she is beautiful just like her Mom, just wait til she turns 6, I am pretty sure that father time and I are gonna have to have a coming to the pulpit here soon about letting my natbug grow up ;)


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