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November 27, 2011

gobble gobble

"Anna, what does a turkey say?""GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!"

Thanksgiving always has been, and still remains to be, one of my favorite holidays.  It's my personal reminder to "find the happy in your everyday" (as my late, dear friend Jon used to tell me) and remember what makes me smile -- a loving family, an adorable daughter, a job I love, a warm home, and the sweet sensation of a little ballerina spinning pirouettes in my tummy. 

This year, it was all about LOW KEY. Pajamas were welcome at the dinner table (though, we all classed it up a bit and opted for yoga pants and lounging clothes instead). Mom, Dad, and my Aunt Victoria (Anna's new favorite lady) joined us for turkey and London Broil with all the fixings.

We had a sick little turkey on our hands this year, and she was less than cooperative at the dinner table, hopping from Grandma to Grumpy to Aunt Vic to Momma and finally settling in with Daddy.

We discovered the next day that she had a slight ear infection and an upper respiratory "thing" going on.  However, after a round or two of meds, she was her bright and sunny self again, and has been enjoying leftovers along with the rest of us.  (I never knew turkey could last so long....)

We even got out today and did a little shopping -- grocery shopping, though it was, it was shopping nonetheless!  It is the Christmas season, after all.....
Love to all those we couldn't share this year's meal with, but you were certainly there in spirit!

(p.s.  do you see the stickers on her shirt?  guess who's been a successful little potty-trainer these past couple of weeks????!!!!  and, no, it's not me OR eric....)

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