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July 1, 2012

okay, okay.....

.....yeah, I haven't posted in, like, a year (not that long, but somehow an exaggeration seems appropriate in this situation).

**WARNING** - there is no rhyme nor reason to the order of pictures.  Just try to keep up :-)

Anna is taking her role as a big sister very seriously, and we couldn't be prouder of the love and attention she pays her little sister.

I think (*hope*) we've established a new family tradition - dinner out on Friday nights.  Our first excursion was to Northside Grille.

This kid doesn't like to wear shoes.  Fine by me - I've always found I'm much more coordinated without shoes on (cuts down on the bruises - direct result of clutziness).

So studious....

Don't tell me this baby doesn't look a *little* bit like me.

A couple of weeks ago, we were thrilled to have the Cooke's over on their way back to NoVA from Williamsburg.  The girls were very eager to hold Alex, and each one of them did a spectacular job!

We were honored that Dave accepted our request to be Alexandra's Godfather.

Oh, the good ol' Bumbo.  It's really helping Alex hold her head up.

Bath time!

Anna has been quite the little social butterfly lately.  Our calendar is now filled with a plethora of activities, most of which consist of her friends turning another year older and cake.

Isabelle had her party at Chuck E. Cheese.  I've never been so grateful for a baby with the sniffles as I was that day.  The last time I set foot in a Chuck E. Cheese (10 years ago while I was nannying), I needed a heavy dose of narcotics to get over the headache and anxiety it caused me.  I'm not a fan.
Apparently, neither is Anna.  She told Eric, "Chuck E. Cheese needs to go bye-bye!!"

In case you need a refill on that glass of cute.....

We've been quite the entertainers lately.  We hosted a cookout over Memorial Day, and Anna made a new friend - Colin.  (He is the nephew of one of my co-workers).

Anna was a super helper.
Mom and I hosted a baby shower tea for Amy.  Cam got some great practice holding a baby as he prepares for his little brother.

I think Amy looks amazing!  I can't wait to meet this little guy.

Anna had a date night with her Daddy.  The Bowie Baysox were in town to play the Flying Squirrels (really?  Is that even a viable mascot???  Come on, Richmond....).  She had a great time, and I think it might become a regular occurence.

We ventured up to Baltimore early in May to see Grandpop and introduce Alex to her him, her Aunt Carrie, Uncle Greg, and cousins.

Poor Danny was no match for rough-and-tumble Anna.  We're working on keeping our hands to ourselves....

We took several stabs at getting a shot of all 4 grandkids.

I think this might have been the best of the bunch.

Those are teenage faces right there....

Natalie was such a natural holding Alex, and it was one of the ONLY times that afternoon Alex was calm and quiet.  She definitely has the magic touch!

Ummmm......can you say peas in a pod?

Gam and Pop were down in April (I'm beginning to realize these pics are in reverse, so at least there's SOME chronology).

We actually got Pop to hold the wee-bitty-bee. 

Poor Joe became Anna's new jungle gym.  She spent most of the weekend climbing all over him.

I love this picture.

Yesterday, we headed back up to Baltimore to meet up with the Badours and take the kids to their very first Oriole game.  They were playing the Cleveland Indians, the team my Grandpa played for back in the day.

Alex and I had fun trying out the new carrier.

I do believe that's Greg's mini-me.

 Sorry folks, but I have to say that she could have only learned that face from one source - ME.

I love that little guy.  Of course, that little girl, too, but Danny kept us in stitches all afternoon.

As did the happy little lady.  Her little smiles are plague-worthy infectious.

See?  Hysterical!

I loved this woman's hat.  I think Jane Davis needs to get on that.

Eric and his Natty Boh.

 Carrie and her mini-me.  :-)

I think I love this picture for the vast assortment of emotion being displayed.

The view from our hotel room:

Sunday morning laziness, brought to by  the Longo Ladies.

Who needs a teddy bear to snuggle up with when you have a cup full of Frosted Flakes?

So, there you have it - the past couple of months in a very long, concise nutshell.  We have a birthday party to plan for a very special little girl next weekend.  I wonder who that could be????

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  1. Great pics - although I think I need some photo cred for a few of the O's game! JK.

    Anxious to see pics from the bday party.


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