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September 12, 2009

Meet the Family

We were thrilled to introduce Anna to the rest of her Daddy's family a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I've been remiss in keeping this thing up! I'M SORRY! Chalk it up to back-to-school taking up all my "free" time!). She got to meet her Great Aunt Dot, Great Uncle Joe, Aunt Carrie, Uncle Greg, and cousins Lisa, David, Zach, Vicki, Natalie, and new baby Danny, but we were the most excited to introduce her to her Great-Grandpop Larry! We are both so tickled that she has a great-grandparent that she will be able to know as she grows up. We even stopped by the cemeteries and introduced her to her Great Grandma Moller and her Great Grandma and Grandpa Longo. Here we are with Grand Pop! Grandpop was happy as a CLAM to meet BOTH his new great-grandchildren!! Baby Danny was born 5 weeks after Anna Banana. Our precious baby nephew! Pop and Anna Gam and Anna -- Gam helped give Anna a bath a couple nights before and it was the first time she didn't cry at all! GO GAM!! Gam and Pop and Anna My favorite -- Natalie, Danny, and Anna. Natalie is the BEST helper in the world! She's a pro at diaper changes and was more than eager to help Aunt Katie change cousin Anna's diaper! ....aren't they precious??? We had a wonderful time!

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