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October 25, 2009


Now that I have your attention, we have a few things we need to discuss (is she not SO ERIC in this picture?!?!?!). There has been a lot going on in Miss AK's life over the past few weeks, and we need to address each one separately. First things first....Anna is teething. Not the "well, we think she might be teething", she IS TEETHING! She has two distinct little buds peeping through (incisors....the vampire teeth, which is appropriate given the time of year). She constantly has her fists in her mouth, and she's still trying to figure out how to get both of them in there comfortably. Not to mention the endless supply of drool and daily doses of Tylenol that keep her sustained. Next, and this one's HUGE, folks! Anna rolled over for the first time yesterday! We have been giving her lots of tummy time to buff up those muscles, and it's finally paid off! She's been "thinking about" doing it for a while now, but yesterday, she finally made-good on her efforts! We got it on video, but it's SUPER dark (I'm having a severe love/hate relationship with our camera currently....). You get the gist of it from this. (You might want to adjust the brightness on your screen and see if that helps????) Hopefully, we'll be able to capture something in better light in the next few days, but she didn't seem too interested in a sequel this morning!


  1. Yeah Anna!! She is getting SO big :)
    Can't wait to see you guys next week...YEAH!!!
    Take care, Luv- Mellanie and Alexandra


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