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April 17, 2010

Family Reunion

Last week was Spring Break for me, so Mom, Dad, Anna and I packed the car and headed to Cincinnati to visit the Davis clan. 10 hours in a PACKED car with 2 senior citizens, a teething baby with her first ear infection, and a worried new mom.....made for a trip I'm sure we'll laugh about SOMEDAY. Anna helped pack the suitcase....wait, that doesn't go in there! We arrived Friday afternoon. Eric flew in Friday evening, and we headed to my cousin G's (and his wife Kim) house for the first reunion. It's amazing the rush of emotions you feel in anticipation of seeing people you haven't seen in as many as seven years, but when we laid eyes on our family, there were smiles, tears, laughter, exchanging of was such a wonderful feeling! My cousin, Greg (named after my Dad), and his son, Jackson: My Uncle Gary, his brother-in-law Joe, and my Dad acting like a fool (as is typical): Saturday, we spent the day in the park near my cousin Jody's house. For those of you playing the home game, I have 6 cousins on that side of the family -- in order: Jennifer, Geoff, Greg, GJ, Jody and Jessica. Anna seemed to enjoy herself. She got to play with 1-year-old Luke, Jody's youngest son. They "traded" toys. By "traded", I mean she pushed her little cow to him, then proceeded to yank his sippy cup right out of his hands while he was drinking. I think we have a "mine!" phase erupting. That evening, we got together at Teller's, a spunky downtown restaurant that used to be a bank, in the "vault" and surprised my Uncle for his 70th birthday. I think he was surprised. My Aunt Karen, her brother Joe, his wife Patty, and Mom.Jack (Jody's oldest son) on Jessica's lap feeding a lemon to Anna, who is sitting with Jenn. We think she liked it! Anna and Daddy. Kissing cousins! Jennifer, GJ, and Anna. Dad, his little sister Jill, and his big brother, Gary. The party was fantastic! Jennifer did a phenomenal job organizing it! Sunday, we headed to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Erlanger, KY (just over the OH border) to visit my grandparents, great-grandparents, and great aunts and uncles. This is the beautiful spot where they are resting:We ended the trip with my Dad's favorite thing. A Cincinnati Coney. Mylanta usage increased that afternoon by 70%. But, he says it was well worth it.

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