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April 3, 2010

Into the Woods

Every year, I make myself ill with the anticipation of the Spring Musical. Every year, I complain and stress over my responsibilities as a director, conductor, costumer, and set designer. Every year, I fuss at my children when they don't do things "just so", they miss practice because they misread the calendar, and they goof off during rehearsals because they've actually followed my direction and become a team. Every year, I sacrifice my time with my family.... And, every year, I cry when it's all over. As an educator, I am proud of my students' talents and accomplishments. As a wife, I am humbled by my husband's willingness to take the reigns. As a mother, I am thankful for a happy baby who was able to make her stage debut in this production. As a director, I will say that no matter how hard it gets, and how much I have to sacrifice, I will never, ever give this up as long as my name is on that classroom door.

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  1. SO SO true! I was blown away by Into the could tell how hard ALL of you worked! Anna's stage debut???? I missed this....the show I saw was played by a cabbage patch doll, was she Anna's understudy?? TOO CUTE! Congrats again on another successful show!



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