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June 21, 2010

summer begins

So, what does one do on the last day of school when 80% of the school is exempt from final exams? If you're a teacher with technical capabilities, you set up the projector and amps and combine 8 classes to watch the World Cup.
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Complete with our own instruments to cheer on the US team.
We pack up our rooms to prepare for summer cleaning.
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We stand in the busloop and wear sunglasses and silly hats and wave good bye to our students. And somewhere along the way, I realize this could be the last time I see my sweet Stina, and I grab a photo op with her.
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Oh, the jokesters. These are the guys that make my day sane. Just when I think my last nerve has been wracked, Kennedy sends a funny youtube video or Massey has a hug for me in the hall, and it just makes my whole day.
Yes. We only allow portable instruments in the music wing.
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And we come home and spend the evening lovin' on our littles and our better halves.
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And things our girl is lovin' right now.....Earth's Best Chicken and Stars
Girlfriend could eat her WEIGHT in it.
Unrolling the toilet paper roll. This is fun to clean up.
......and a little something I'm loving. Today, I dropped the munchkin with her Gram Davis and Grumps for a few hours to tie up some loose ends at school. I inevitably forgot something and had to call over there to chat. Mom put me on speaker phone, and at some point I heard her gasp and say, "Who is that? Is that your Mommy?"....and without missing a beat, I heard the sweetest voice in the world say, "My Momma?" over and over and over. This is her new thing. She's gone from "Bye bye" and "Hey Baby" to "My Momma" and staring at Eric uttering "Dadadada" over and over. I love her little milestones everyday, and I can't believe we have mere days before we're celebrating a year from her birth day. More on that later.....

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