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November 5, 2010


The camera has been busy the past few weeks, yet there have been few updates. I rarely get to use our home PC during the work week, and usage on the weekends has been almost non-existent. Anna has really started coming into her own lately. She's much more independent and opinionated. (click on bolded words for videos) I picked her up from daycare last week to find one of her classmates running around with a big scratch on her nose.....courtesy of Anna's TEETH. Yup. We've got us a biter. But, she's a sweet little biter. I mean, how can you fuss at a face like this?
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Well, perhaps I spoke too soon....
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Apparently, there's this new craze of rubbing ravioli in your hair to improve sheen. I have to admit -- I'm not sold. Needless to say, girlfriend got a nice scrub-down that night.
Anna has begun to discover the different parts of her body. She can identify her nose, her belly button, and.....
...her tongue. She'll even show you where all your parts are, which reminds me of another pixie-coiffed 15-month-old who used to run around and pull people's shirts up to reveal belly buttons....which she did to her Aunt Katie when they first met. There's a "hey, how you doin', nice to meet ya" kind of moment to remember. :)
She's also beginning to learn the appropriate uses for various household objects. Like, cell phones.
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And speaking of pixie-coiffed sprites....
Anna was Tinkerbell for Halloween. After weeks of agonizing over her costume, I finally settled on Peter Pan's favorite fairy. She made an adorable Tink, although she was rather pitiful as she was (and still is) fighting off a nasty combination of the Croup and a stomach virus.
this halloween proved to be quite a learning experience for us. i had spoken with amy that morning, who warned me about the massive quantities of candy her mother has to buy every year. i didn't think much of it since we had four rather large bags. eric picked up two more mega-bags to be on the safe side. good thing, too, because we only had about seven pieces of candy left at the end of the night. note to self: re-up the sam's club membership if, for no other reason, buying halloween candy for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.
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Oh, and one last video to make you laugh. I think she's mastered "The Frankenstein" quite well.

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