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March 19, 2012


*this* is what cute looks like....

....and, while I don't know if she fathoms what's about to happen in this house, I know that she LOVES the idea of being the big sister.

After her adenoid removal and tube surgery, she was a lazy little lounger, but a super trooper as she had to endure the ear drops.  Don't get me wrong....she screamed, but she cooperated long enough to get the job done.

This pic reminds me of the sleeping situations in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"....the original 1970s one.....not the creepy one with Johnny Depp.

We got ourselves a little snow....for about a minute.  It started around 10:00 pm and was melted by 9:00 am.  But, it was enough to make us a little snowman with chocolate chip eyes and a carrot nose and two arms made out of a pretzabagel.

We really *don't* need any proof that this kid is 50% Eric Longo, but this IS the way he sits on the sofa. every. night.

This was documented on our "snow day".  Yes.  We actually got the day the superintendent's credit, it *was* snowing at 6:00 am and sticking, but this was the scene circa 11:00 am.  Treacherous....

Every self-respecting drama queen owns a black turtleneck, and I must say that this child sports it well.  The chocolate obsession just happens to be the only other proof besides the unruly hair that she came from my womb.

Dining al fresco at her new table courtesy of Gam and Pop.

Yup.  She wrote that.  Unprompted.  All on her own.  And, yes.  I'm going to say it.  Our child is brilliant.

T-minus 8 days to eviction day.  Maternity leave has commenced....let the countdown begin!!!

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