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January 28, 2012

various and sundry

I like these kinds of posts - no theme, nothing rehearsed, kind of like a lazy weeknight at home when you empty the refrigerator contents on the counter and let everyone have a free-for-all for dinner....which is how this creation (AK's new fave) came into existence:
A smiley face:  peel one banana and slice up cucumber.  Smear a little yogurt-butter on a mini-bagel and arrange on a plate in the shape of a face.  It's her new go-to meal which, since we've been on a bit of a food restriction with her (more on that later), has been a God-send.

She's been enjoying doing a little cooking in her new state-of-the-art kitchen from the Big Guy.
She's also very good about helping with the laundry. 

In other news, it's been right much of an infirmary around here lately.  There's nothing to be alarmed about and certainly no need to worry, but the wee babe spinning sommersaults in utero has taken her toll on her Momma.  I've been on bedrest the last several weekends - a result of not being able to make it through the week without my legs and feet ballooning to the size of a wiffle bat.  So, Fridays through Sundays have been rather boring with me propped up on the sofa, my feet strategically placed above my heart and water bottles being constantly refilled.  It has made for some fun photo opps, though....this is what happens when you wear socks with a fun design and your legs swell during the day:

Personally, I think it's awesome.  However, it's not as awesome as THIS:
This is what happens when you work in a middle school -- you begin to devise ways to make a COMPLETE fool of yourself in order to entertain your students.  Friday was "Twin Day", and my entire team decided to blow up balloons in order to make ourselves that much more identical.  I literally teared up when I saw them -- both out of hysteria and a touched heart -- these ladies are AWESOME. 

Anna has also had some very minor setbacks health-wise, but it's proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she IS my child.  She's had some tummy issues that have restricted her diet and forced us to hide the dairy, juice, chocolate, and starchy veggies (Lord help us...).  She's also due to go back in for more surgery in the next few weeks - replacement of tubes (one is dislodged), and they're going to take her adenoids while they're in there.  In the long-run, this will ultimately be a good thing as it will cut down on her risk for these pesky infections (of which she's had 2 since Thanksgiving).  In the meantime, she's enjoying some much-needed rest of her own.
The countdown is down to less than 60 days until the arrival of the next princess.  We should know a firm(er) date very soon....

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