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August 29, 2011

earthquakes and hurricanes and....well, isn't that enough??

No, there will be no witty Wizard of Oz "Oh, my!" pun entered here, because we're DONE with natural disasters for a while.  I realize things come in threes, but we can just put that little trifecta off for the time-being, okay?

This week has been one of the most insane I've ever lived through.  I consider myself to be well-traveled in the world of natural catastrophe.  I spent 5 years in Florida, 27 miles from the Gulf Coast.  I've been through a few hurricanes.  I bailed waist-deep water out of a basement using empty Zephyrhills gallon jugs.  It was the ultimate exercise in futility, but it was a ton of fun (insert completely serious tone....for once, I'm not being sarcastic). 

I lived in Oklahoma for 2 years, and, during that time, I endured weekly tornado drills, witnessed a couple, outran one (yes, stupid.  I KNOW.), and rode one out in the basement of a Super Target (who needs to hightail it on over to the east coast because it's the most wonderful store since EVER). 

Earthquakes were my one big phenomenon un-conquered.  So, imagine my frustration, dismay, disappointment, when I arrived home on Tuesday from school to a ringing cell phone and a frantic mother asking if I was all right.  Of course I'm all right -- why shouldn't I be??  It's sunny.  There's no wind outside.  Last I checked, all inmates were fully present and accounted for at the nearest penitentiary.  An earthquake?  HERE?  In RICHMOND????  We do realize this is the East Coast, right?  I'd missed it.  I was in my car when it hit, riding up the hill to our house and wondering why all of our neighbors were standing outside.  I just figured it was a common "off" day for these folks, and I suppose I now know why they were all looking at me like I had 3 heads as I rode by honking my horn, smiling and waving like a Wal-Mart greeter hyped up on too many lattes. 

This wasn't the first quake to hit the area.  Back in 2003 while I was living in OKC, I arrived home from school one day and did what I always did -- called my Mom to check in and re-hash my day.  While I was on the phone with her, I heard a few choice words out of her, my Dad, and Diane as they experienced a little bit of "shake, rattle and roll".  It would seem that Midlothian has a pretty sizable fault line running through it.  Of course, we're certainly not talking about any sort of San Andreas, but it's pretty impressive none-the-less.

So, I missed it.  I spent the next two days hoping for a tangible after-shock (yes, I am a sick woman), but it never came.  Totally. Bummed. 

Let's fast forward a mere couple of days to "Irene Watch".  This little minx didn't have her coffee, her man left her for a younger, blonder woman, she's probably PMSing and her kids are driving her up a wall.  She was just a wee bit ticked, and she's headed for the East Coast.  So, we battened down the hatches, bought a case of water and some candles and settled in for what we expected to be a less-than-spectacular storm.  To be honest, I've seen worse.....MUCH worse.  However, we were some of the lucky ones.  There were pictures and videos from around the area of folks who weren't so fortunate.  Here are a few of the images shared by friends on Facebook.  Bear in mind, these were taken mere minutes from our neighborhood.

We were without power for a few hours.  We also lost some siding and half a tree in the backyard, and there was PLENTY of leaf-picking to be done around the property, but all-in-all, we're no worse for the wear.

We took a little loop around the neighborhood and found plenty of folks who had a smidge more work ahead of them.
 the leaning trees of the grove....

 according to neighbors, yes, there was actually a car under that for a time.

 screens out

 this tree was blocking the main road heading out the back way.  to my knowledge, it's still there.

 tree blocking the path to the swings.  someone was very upset.....

As we ventured around the block, we made a mental note NEVER to plant a purple plum tree in our yard.  See evidence why:  (and no, this is NOT the same tree over and over)

But, despite a little debris, we had an excellent helper who was eager to grab a broom and pitch in.

Hope everyone else is OK!

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  1. The purple plum trees are oh-so-Raven though ... may be somewhat festive?!?!

    Glad to hear that you guys made it through ok. And that's the cutest deck cleaner I've seen!!


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